Why Choose GIFF?


In volunteering or interning with us, you get a unique hands-on experience learning the ins and outs of producing a film festival. Filmmakers and Film degrees encouraged to apply to embark on a experience that also comes with many perks such as first dibs on screenings, priority seating for lectures and workshops, and free food. However, the best take­away from interning/volunteering is meeting like­minded filmmakers with the same goal, to make movies for social change, no matter how big or small that change may be. We dedicate time into making the volunteer experience the best it can be.


Commitments and time dedicated to projects may vary. We are looking for volunteers who are dedicated to provoke and inspire social change through film. We are looking for people to help in all areas from registration to being able to do some heavy lifting.


Only a select few of interns/volunteers are chosen each year, email for more information about our internship/volunteer programs.