Meet Our Hosts

Meet Our Hosts!

Sabrina_McMillinSabrina McMillin

Sabrina McMillin is a Host/Producer for the 2016 Global Impact Film Festival. A proud native of Western New York, she knew she wanted to become a producer at age 18 when she started No Less Than Seven Nerds, a seven­person international collaborative video blog. Sabrina is the host of the sabrinavlogshere channel on YouTube.

While she was a student at Tufts University in Boston, Sabrina co­hosted AudioBoom’s Things About VidCon, a podcast about the future of online content and creative communities on video platforms. Her favorite college experience was serving as a Communications Intern in the office of Congresswoman Katherine Clark (MA­05) in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2014. During this internship, Sabrina assisted the Congresswoman’s staff in developing legislation to combat Internet harassment, inspired by the Gamergate controversy.

After graduating with a B.A. in political science and mass communications & media studies in 2015, Sabrina moved to D.C. to pursue work as a legal assistant at a major telecommunications law firm. She produces video on a freelance basis and has collaborated with other creators on volunteer projects, including the short film Captain One­Star (2016) for the DC 24­Hour Film Festival.

Not limiting herself to production alone, Sabrina is a digital strategist and currently the Marketing and Outreach Director for Personal Space, an upcoming sci­fi web series starring Nicki Clyne and Richard Hatch of the hit television series Battlestar Galactica. As a part of the Personal Space team, she crowdfunded the show’s $45,000 campaign for Season 1 production and looks forward to a future of producing more innovative, diverse, and socially impactful programming for global audiences.

Sabrina is a volunteer staffer on the Communications Team at Uplift, an organization dedicated to combatting sexual violence in online communities. In her spare time, she enjoys going out to the movies, traveling, dancing, and singing cheesy 80s ballads at karaoke nights.

Farrah Andican-Mirzayev

Farrah Andican-Mirzayev is the founder of a non-profit called the Turkic American Unity Association whose focus is building bridges with humanity and nature through culture. Under this non-profit’s umbrella, she has also formed a long-term project titled “The Teahouse of Existence,” serving as a platform for the convergence of ideas, people, ideas, culture, and time in order to foster a greater socially-conscious mindset. She has also hosted a series of television programs and events.

She is currently working on a memoir detailing her experiences of having founded the Teahouse along with our collective interpretations of what existence entails.