Below is positions and descriptions people can look if they’re interested in emailing us for. I want to eventually have a form they can fill out but for now, they can email us at info@globalimpactfilmfest.org.


There are many great positions available where you can make your impact. All volunteer duties require the ability to get along with others. These duties include helping attendees and interacting with them in a helpful and courteous manner. We are looking for people who are self motivated in thinking ahead in what needs to get done and helps to quickly solve any issues. Below are job positions and descriptions. We are excited to hear from you!

For questions/ inquiries, email us at info@giff.org or call us at 703-663-0982.

Dress code:

Bottoms: Khaki slacks/shorts/skirts with comfortable shoes.
Top: Navy Blue, Purple, yellow and orange shirts with no logos. (DCBX colors)


In addition to meeting lots of fun people, for each 4-5 hour shift that you work (minimum of 2 required), you will receive one screening voucher that you may exchange at the box office for a regular film screening, seminar or workshop of your choice (excludes Rooftop Networking Party and Awards Night Party). These vouchers are good for the 2016 Global Impact Film Festival AND some of our neighboring events such as the DC Bachata Congress. In addition, as a thank you, you are invited to the Saturday Night Rooftop Networking Party free of charge.



No previous experience is required. Friendliness is a must. Screening Room volunteers must be dependable, confident and able to follow instructions. We also need to be on time, so that we can be well organized. You must be fluent in English, and able to communicate clearly and effectively with customers.Volunteers are scheduled to arrive at the hotel 30 minutes prior to their first assigned screening time. Find your sign-in sheet and enter your name and time of arrival. When leaving sign-out on the same sheet with the time of departure. You will use the same sheet for each day you work at that hotel.

Please wear comfortable shoes. You will be standing for the majority of your shift.

Team Leader:Assist Screening Manager with volunteer assignments, supervise the Screening Room Volunteer Team, and follow through with administrative and other tasks as assigned. Oversee the manager’s desk and troubleshoot customer issues as needed.

Ticket Taker:Pay close attention to individual event tickets. Make sure that filmgoers are entering the right program, date and screening room. Direct erroneous ticket holders to the Team Leader stationed at the Manager’s table. The Team Leader will tell you how to tear the ticket and what to do with the ticket stubs.

Pass Counter:As passholders enter the auditorium, check to make sure it is one that is accepted for the program, and that the photo (if there is one) matches the person holding the pass. Use the clicker to count each person once. If a passholder leaves the auditorium and wants to return, they must obtain a re-entry pass. Do not count pass holders who have a re-entry pass, they have already been counted.

Inside Screening Room Control:Distribute and collect ballots and assist Team Leader in protecting “reserved” seating, counting available seats for Rush ticket sales, and notifying Outside Control how many tickets they may sell. (Rush tickets are sold when a film/program is sold-out and people are willing to wait for possible no-shows). Place collected ballots into envelope, mark envelope with film/program title, date, time, and seal.

Outside Crowd Control:A resonant voice is needed. Announce program number: check type of tickets and/or passes to be sure that people are in the correct line. Announce which line is which — Pass Holders, Individual Ticket Holders, and Rush line. Continually monitor the lines prior to and during admission. Announce program number and type of seating available (front row only, extreme side, etc) when the theatre manager begins last minute sales of available Rush seats.



You will be STANDING most of your shift so wear comfortable shoes.

Assist Coordinator with set-up
Direct guests to restaurants, shops and screening venues
Bus tables as needed
Set-up and load out (heavy lifting may be involved)
Run local errands


Work on various community outreach activities prior to and during the festival.


Distribute posters, programs and other promotional material to stores and hotels in the Renaissance Marriott Business area.
Post pictures, video and tweets to our designated social media sites. Let me know what day and time works best for you


Work with festival staff to move festival programs, flags and other production materials to/from venue sites. Ability to lift 25+lbs required.


Duties and hours vary according to what needs to be done. Typically, volunteers are needed on short notice. Knowledge of computers and basic office equipment required.

Answer phones
Take ticket orders (computer skills required)
Data Entry
Run errands

For questions/ inquiries, email us at info@giff.org or call us at 703-663-0982.