jewelry box

Difference Between Fashion Jewelry Vs Fine Jewelry

Differentiating between fashion jewelry & fine jewelry is easy: it all gets down to the components used to make the jewelry. Identifying the fineness of the materials and gems is required to decide if a set of jewelry is deemed fashion jewelry or regarded as […]

red-carpet etiquette

How Stars Choose Their Red Carpet Dresses

The film industry’s finest talents are celebrated during awards season. Still, for fashion lovers, the anticipation of a length of scarlet-colored, flash-bulb illuminated carpeting is where the attraction really lies. Although celebrities typically make award season visits seem effortless, like behind the scenes, it seems […]

fashion show

Reasons Why You Should Attend Fashion Week

For some individuals, having a good time entails throwing a party. For others, it’s all about being genuine to oneself and reading or viewing the newest movies. Depending on your interests or inclinations, you will spend the majority of your time pursuing something you like. […]

summer season

How To Dress Modestly in Summer

In this day and age, fashionable generally refers to a ‘more and more body, but that is not the case in reality. This summer season, looking stylish and elegant can just be about humility and modesty! From loose-fitting, clean white tees to more modest outfits, […]