The film industry’s finest talents are celebrated during awards season. Still, for fashion lovers, the anticipation of a length of scarlet-colored, flash-bulb illuminated carpeting is where the attraction really lies. Although celebrities typically make award season visits seem effortless, like behind the scenes, it seems to be a chaotic task of red-carpet etiquette and backroom agreements in place to ensure those last few minutes of television time are exactly perfect.

How Do the Stars Choose Their Red Carpet Dresses?

Most celebrities, particularly the Best Actress contenders this year, which include Frances McDormand, Margot Robbie, Meryl Streep, Sally Hawkins, and Saoirse Ronan, began the process of selecting a gown in October, before the first awards had been declared, with stylists wanting to call in appears to look from designers rather than beginning to seek advice on a custom piece. As a result, a single celebrity may get dressed for the Oscars up to 60 different gowns for a single event. It is the stylist’s responsibility to liaise with the design companies to ensure that there were no duplicate looks get into the Oscars best dressed red carpet poll.


What Does It Mean to Get Dressed on The Day?

The majority of celebs prepare for the event at a hotel room near the site, the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, which will feature the 90th Academy Awards. The gowns are either crafted to the stylist’s office or sent a few days ahead of time, and it is the stylist’s responsibility to ensure that almost all of the look’s components are present and ready to go. Dressing time may range from three to twelve hours.

Stylists Have a Critical Role

Almost every A-lister has a stylist. Established stylists utilize their contacts to locate their famous clients’ dresses that would wow viewers throughout awards season. Designers will either contact stylists and request that they outfit their customers, or stylists may contact companies to work out a contract. According to Emmy-nominated fashion designer as well as red carpet stylist Kemal Harris, this procedure typically begins several months before award ceremonies. Harris collaborates with celebrities such as Robin Wright, Alexis Bledel, and Kate McKinnon.

Celebrities Frequently Borrow from Designers

It’s no secret that celebrities have connections in high places. When an actor seems to have a close connection with either a designer, they would often wear their works on the red carpet to show their support. This would be the case of Cher, who donned iconic Bob Mackie designs to numerous Academy Award ceremonies. However, these connections may deteriorate.

At the 2013 Oscars, Anne Hathaway made a legendary fashion faux pas by refusing to wear her friend Valentino’s gown. Hathaway claims she heard the night well before the awards ceremony that yet another guest might be wearing a look identical to the Valentino design she was scheduled to wear and wish to prevent this scenario.