Differentiating between fashion jewelry & fine jewelry is easy: it all gets down to the components used to make the jewelry. Identifying the fineness of the materials and gems is required to decide if a set of jewelry is deemed fashion jewelry or regarded as fine jewelry. We will take you through the criteria used by professional authenticators to ensure the value of the jewelry. If you are looking to find the difference between fashion, semi-fine, and fine jewelry, then take a look below to understand the core difference.

Fashion Jewelry Vs Fine Jewelry

Below is the detailed difference between fine jewelry vs costume jewelry:

Fine Jewellery

Fine jewelry is fashioned from precious metal alloys and studded with valuable or semi-precious beads and stones. Platinum, different golds, as well as sterling silver, are mostly the metals that are utilized to create exquisite jewelry. In addition, Emerald, ruby, garnet, diamond, sapphire, turquoise, and other gems are utilized in the production of exquisite jewelry. Fine jewelry also includes vermeil as well as gold-filled pieces. Fine jewelry is designed to endure for decades, if not centuries. Several fine jewelry designs become legacies. It has never been out of fashion. Fine jewelry rarely tarnishes, plus experienced jewelers can fix, alter, or modify it.

Fashion Jewellery

Fashion jewelry is often seen in every girl’s jewelry box. This might be lovely and even seem to be of high quality–but it shouldn’t be confused with fine jewelry. Instead, manufacturers make stylish pieces that are in line with current fashions. It is always intended to be used as just an accessory, but the main drawback is that the designs will fall out of fashion. However, you may still create a huge impression at a cheap cost!

exquisite jewelry

Suppose there is a coating over the underlying metal; its’ not made of precious metals. Numerous metals are utilized in fashion jewelry, including steel material, platinum, iron, copper, zinc, and tungsten. However, there are no expensive or semi-precious jewels in fashion jewelry.

Semi-Fine Jewellery

Semi-fine jewelry seems to be a class that exists within fine jewelry & fashion jewelry. Semi-fine jewelry is usually defined as gold coated, gold vermeil (a heavier gold coating), or gold-filled. This type of jewelry is frequently made with real stones like emerald, garnets, morganite, etc.; there’s also a variety of semi-fine jewelry produced using lab-created or augmented stones, which have comparable aesthetic characteristics to genuine stones but are less expensive.