Your body demands protection from the sun’s damaging rays. Although sun protection is necessary all year, it is especially critical during the summertime. You must safeguard your skin since extended exposure may result in skin discoloration, age indications, and sunburns. In addition, exposure to UV radiation is indeed a major source of skin cancer.  The best way to safeguard your skin would be to apply a sunscreen cream or spray with sufficient SPF. Here are some pointers to help you select the best sunscreen based on skin type.

Choose Sunscreen According to Your Skin Tone

From the following list, you can choose the right sunscreen for different skin tones:

  • Dark Skin Tone Sunscreen

To safeguard their skin, those with darker complexions should apply sunscreen every day. The primary worry for individuals with darker complexion while using sunscreen is the possibility of a powdery or whitish residue left on the skin, giving it a hazy appearance. This is easily remedied by using a high-standard sunscreen chemical.

skin type

  • Oily Skin Sunscreen

Individuals having oily skin should use sunscreen with having watery and lightweight formula. The ultra-light, non-greasy composition is simple to use and, therefore, will not block your skin pores. If you have very oily skin, select a sunscreen with a matte finish because then your skin will not look too greasy after application.

  • Fair Skin Tone Sunscreen

People with fair skin should apply a broad-spectrum sunblock with a relatively high SPF concentration. An SPF of almost 30 is suggested as the minimum degree of defense for the skin, so aim for a minimum SPF of 50 or higher. Also, use it often to regulate the PH balance & safeguard against UV radiation.

  • Sensitive Skin Sunscreen

When used on sensitive skin, sunblock-containing compounds such as Parabens may cause irritation and discomfort. Physical sunscreens with zinc oxide are a preferable option since they offer great sun protection while being gentler on the skin.

  • apply sunscreenAcne-Prone Skin Sunscreen

Those with acne-prone skin should exercise caution while selecting a sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen gel or spray which is not oily and doesn’t include scent instead of anything with harsh chemicals. There is another sunblock with significant SPF that is specifically designed for acne-prone types of skin. When you purchase sunscreen, please search for the terms non-comedogenic means it won’t block pores.

  • Dry Skin Sunscreen

Individuals with dry skin should use a hydrating sunblock gel or lotion having a moderate SPF. Pick one that provides nourishment and wetness to the skin so that it can’t be merely shielded from dangerous radiations but also makes the skin soft & smooth.