Sometimes people may think that a tutorial on cutting their toenails is a bit ridiculous. However, just since you’ve always clipped your toenails in a particular manner does not always imply it’s the correct way. It may come as a surprising thing that the method to trim your toenails is often one of the chief causes they end up needing to visit us for reoccurring ulcerated toenails and other unpleasant issues!

How to Properly Trim Your Toenails

It is not too late to pick up some new toenail cutting techniques. Read out the suggestions beneath, and please don’t afraid to ask us if you have any more queries or concerns that aren’t addressed.

  • Prior Cleansing: Clean at least each day for good sanitation. The toes are either in or close to the ground. This makes them highly impervious to touch harmful microbes and fungi. Cleaning your feet extensively also ensures that your instruments don’t slide away and you can see the nail corner explicitly.
  • Cut Straight Across: To mitigate unpleasant toenails, trimmed the toenails right across. This will keep toenail growing forward. This is simplest to do in two cuts.
  • File Sharp Edges: File the nails using any good filer (electric or manual) to balance any sharp corners that might scoop up the nail as it continues to grow. This also guarantees that you don’t end up leaving a nail spurt to develop into the skin, causing an uncomfortable overbite toenail.


Tips To Correctly Cut Your Toenails

  • Toenails seem to be more comfortable when they are neither too big nor too short.
  • Always choose the right size of tools for toenails as they are harder than fingernails.
  • Maintain frequency between trims to manage the look and hygiene of your toenails. It may be once or twice a month depending on the growth of toe nails.