tied hairstylesOne of the cutest hairpieces is a hair bow! Everyone enjoys crafting and displaying hair bows in various ways. Even some renowned children, such as JoJo Siwa, are known for their hair bow collection. A simple haircut is transformed into an attractive one with the addition of hair bows. The information below will demonstrate to you ways to wear bows in your hair.

Hairstyles Ideas Using Hair Bows

There are hundreds of ribbon hairstyles to wear for any occasion, and girls love them.  They are readily available everywhere and can even be made at home by almost anyone. If you love colours and creativity, the following are must-try for you.

  • Twisted Bangs with A Bow: Bangs are in themselves a remarkable twist in regular hairstyle and bringing a dramatic change instantly. They can become even more interesting by adding a bow. Twist your bangs to a side and secure them with a bow clip.
  • Half Updo with A Bow: Some people don’t like ponytails and all tied hairstyles. Especially people with short hair prefer half updos. A bow can be added to a half-tied half-open hairstyle to make it look more elegant and classy.
  • Simple Braid with A Bow on Bottom: Are you a fan of braids? Well, you can also enjoy wearing bows. They look good on back and side braids. You can either put them on where you start the braid or at the end of the braid. To make it fancier, a slight bow at intervals on braids is best.
  • Hair Bun with A Bow on the Top or Bottom: Its summertime and you don’t feel like leaving hair open or in half updos? We have got it for you. Make a loose high hair bun and add a either on top or bottom of it. Add bows to a bun.